A big hand for Gladiators

Friday, April 11, 2008 by

And, lo, in Hoxton did Sky One reveal their new pneumatic line-up of Gladiators, as the show readies for its return to British telly. 

This being a big Sky press launch, it was – of course – the business. Original Gladiator ref John Anderson (in his original ’90s white trousers) was there to gee-up the assembled journos (“Photographers – READY? Press – READY?”). Then the new Glads strode out onto a suitably themed catwalk, pyrotechnics a go-go. All struck mean poses (Atlas stealing the show with his “ring me” gesture as he left the stage). 

Of course, you want the full list. Our female warrors are: Battleaxe! Enigma! Ice! Inferno! Panther! Tempest! The men: Atlas! Destroyer! Oblivion! Predator! Spartan! Tornado! There’s no new Wolf, alas … unless you count Richard Woolfe. No, don’t do that.

And the events? Well same as the US show: Duel (correctly named – not Joust as they have it in America), Earthquake, Gauntlet, Hang Tough, Hit & Run, Powerball, Pyramid, The Wall and The Eliminator. 

Best of all, they issued us journos with big old foam hands. I’m officially excited.


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