“Jodie, Jodie, just listen to him, listen to him”

Thursday, January 12, 2006 by

I know I am swimming against the tide here, but I actually think this year’sĀ Celebrity Big BrotherĀ is turning into an interesting exercise and a worthwhile (if at times very difficult) viewing experience.

Observing the group dynamics, and in particular the way certain behaviours are collectively condemned or approved (based on what appears to be a bizarre criteria that allows Pete Burns to tell someone to “fuck off” and claim another housemate to be the “lowest of the low”, while Jodie Marsh gets crucified for talking about the other housemates in the Diary Room) is proving fascinating.

So too is the hierarchy of self-mythology that demands each of the housemates attempts to coach the others in the “ways of life ” These laborious conversations actually consist of little more than battles to prove who is the most intellectually or spiritually enlightened.

And as for the hostility that the group direct towards Marsh … Well, the collective hysteria and constant validation of each other’s increasingly over the top feelings of animosity towards an (admittedly) annoying twentysomething year old girl is a real sight to behold, and at a stroke demonstrates that Derren Brown could talk this bunch into robbing a bank within 30 seconds.

Surely this can’t be doing George Galloway’s political career any good? After all would you vote for someone whose opinion can be swayed so violently by Michael Barrymore?


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