Questions about Corrie

Friday, June 6, 2008 by

1 – If Jerry’s had a heart attack, why hasn’t the absent eldest daughter come back to see how he is? And what the hell happened to that grandad?

2 – How come Kenzie and Chesney are in the same year, yet the former looks about five years older than the latter?

3 – Do smokers have to go behind the bar and to the hallway to get to that shelter?

4 – Why has work suddenly ceased on the new flat development?

5 – Who owns that joinery firm at the end of the road that we see in every episode?

6 – Why did bosses keep Jane Danson’s real-life pregnancy off our screens but aren’t doing likewise with Julia Haworth’s?

7 – Was that Casey woman ever put on trial?

8 – What happened to Eric the bookie, played by Tony Slattery – given that Lloyd’s debt, called in by Harry, was to an unseen bookie not called Eric?

9 – Given that his son has driven his car into a canal and wound up in jail, and his step-daughter got married, where the hell is Martin Platt?

10 – Why is this programme, for all its niggles and faults, still by far the best thing on television?


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