Louis Louis: Slight return

Monday, March 27, 2006 by

Well, it’s more than a slight return. It’s an actual return.

At the very end of last year I was wondering “when did telly go off the boil for [Louis] Theroux?”. Then, this weekend I revisited a lot my Louis tapes in that ongoing effort to dub everything I own from VHS on to DVD. It made me wonder yet again how come he fell through the cracks, and – book aside – what he was up to nowadays. Perhaps he was set to become the subject of a tongue-in-cheek documentary, where he’d be rediscovered by a faux-naive young journalist, keen to find out how he lives his life?

Well, reading the Guardian this morning, I was pleased to see BBC2 have commissioned 10 new hour-long films from Mr Theroux, to be broadcast some time in 2006. As long as he’s ditched the obsession with tin-pot showbiz types, I feel confident this will be a return to form.

He really is a great broadcaster. Honestly.


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