School’s out forever?

Monday, July 9, 2007 by

It was a regular part of the “new season” trails, that first look at the upcoming term in Grange Hill. I’ve vague memories of one with the kids mucking about on a bus, which revealed Gonch had grown up a helluva lot during the holidays. Why this reverie? Because it’s something that didn’t happen this year.

Lime Pictures’ most recent run of Grange Hill never actually made it to BBC1, after a screening on the CBBC Channel back in January. That’s the first in 30 years. Does it matter, though? I kind of think so. The show always felt like the heart of BBC1′s children’s programming, a dollop of grit and production prowess that off-set more frivilous fare. But, with the Corporation declaring programmes for younger viewers now really does mean younger viewers, I guess GH is outside that demographic. 

Surprised there hasn’t been a protest though – and I think the portents aren’t great for more series once the current agreement between the BBC and Lime expires. 

There is some better news, though.


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