The fear factor

Thursday, April 6, 2006 by

Right, this’ll be the last Doctor Who posting on here … until the next one, at any road.

Anyway, I did mention I’d pop a Russell T Davies quote up here from the Cardiff launch. However, in the fast-moving, white-heat of showbiz news, you also have to factor in the – well – fact that I still haven’t got around to finishing up my transcript of his Q&A sesh.

Nonetheless, the Who maw must be fed, so here’s a little snippet from the 800 words I have written up thus far, where RTD talks about the “fear factor” in the upcoming episode “Tooth and Claw”.

“That’s as scary as it gets. I mean, it has to be said, in that episode there’s no blood. You don’t see a single drop of blood anywhere … You have to bear in mind, also, that Harry Potter has a werewolf in it now[and that's] the temperature of modern family film.

“We’re very careful with the show. It looks scary, it feels scary, it is scary, but never terrifying – which I don’t think is a bad state of mind to get into. It doesn’t do any great credit to us to terrify people too much. We’re genuinely careful with it. And we’d be daft not to.

“If mum and dad object, they switch off and that’s the last thing we want. So we want children to have a little bit of a thrill.

“I remember when I was at school and I used to watch Fu Manchu films, and they were the only things my parents ever banned. But I tell you why, someone told them there was a beheading in it. I used to watch all sorts of sex and violence on telly, but when the boy next door said these films were the scariest thing in the world, they banned it. That was terrible. I hated it, it drove me mad. So we’d never want that to happen.

“You’ve got to be responsible about it. And everything we do goes to Jane Tranter and to the separate editorial policy board. So, we’re careful.”


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