Wrong Des

Thursday, July 5, 2007 by

During a visit to the Channel 4 website looking for more on the news that they’re launching a +1 digital version of the main channel meaning that the same episode of Deal or No Deal could be shown three times in consecutive hours on different channels (and even clash with itself if the More4+1 on Sky is taken into account). Hoping for a press release which might explain where it’s going to replace the hellishly useful timeshifted version of Film Four given that the station only has limited space on Freeview, I stumbled upon their hopelessly out of date FAQ page.

Amongst information that requires updating:

Big Brother is over for another year. For updates on the housemates keep an eye on the website.” (I wish)

Countdown is presented by Des Lynam and Carol Vorderman.” (wrong Des)

“Richard & Judy are currently taking a break and will be back in the New Year.” (no it isn’t)

On The West Wing: ” The first series is currently showing on More4 on Sunday evenings.” (Season Three has just begun)

At some point in the past this page was probably very useful but as it stands now, what confidence do we have that Jon Snow still buys his ties from Victoria Richards at Clockwork Studios and not M&S? For a channel that is embracing new media in so many other ways, isn’t it a bit sloppy that something this simple isn’t looked at more regularly basis than what looks like annually?


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