Hyde 2612 – no return

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 by

Well 2612 was just a room number and not “too sick, want to” as I thought for about 10 minutes during last night’s final installment of Life On Mars. Hopefully I have an OTT Review forthcoming, but in the meantime scratching round the Internet today I have been surprised to see there is no real consensus on actually what happened in the end.

To me, I thought it was all very explicit – Sam woke up from his coma (he must have actually been awake as the series’ creators needed him to document his experiences so that the upcoming lead character in Ashes to Ashes can read them before she too plunges into a coma). Upon realising that his “life” in 1973 was far more vivid and enjoyable than his real life, he decided to try and return to “1973″ by jumping off the top of the police station. 

The bit with the test card girl switching our telly off at the end was just a bit of extra fun, that didn’t really have any bearing on the denouement as a whole.

Now is this correct, or is there anyone out there who thinks something different happened? And more importantly was this a good finale for Sam?


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