Camera moans

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 by

Shahbaz on Big Brother 7 appears to have gone completely off the wall so quickly it makes you wonder how on earth he ever managed to pass the psychological assessment to get on the show.

The self-styled “Paki Poof” from Glasgow looks as if he has alienated the entire house (apart possibly, from Pete – the only person who gets on with everybody) and for some reason went completely crackers in last night’s edition, stealing all of the food from the kitchen and hiding it in a bin bag out in the garden. Already it looks like some of the other housemates are turning against him, with Richard being the one who seems to be orchestrating the backlash. Lisa looked as if she was ready to sit Shahbaz on his backside last night and had to be held back by other people.

He is also doing a huge amount of talking to the cameras – or in the case of the diary room, hiding from the camera in there – and weeping a lot, endlessly bemoaning his lot in life. Surely he cannot keep up this behaviour for much longer? Shahbaz is 37 years old, yet carries on like he is just out of nursery school. He’s in the house for at least another week, having been made a member of the Big Brotherhood, but if he continues like this, the housemates will surely all nominate him for eviction in the next round.

Crafty use of editing can make or break a Big Brother contestant, but having seen a little of the E4 coverage too, it doesn’t seem as though the production team needed to do any editing to find the standout Shahbaz moments. He is fairly noisy and in-your-face most of the time.

Pete to win!


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