One, Who, three

Thursday, March 22, 2007 by

So, here I am – slightly worse for wear but back from the Doctor Who series three launch in Mayfair. The only grub on offer was pistachio nuts, so don’t blame me.

As is probably a matter of record by now, the first two episodes of the run were screened, “Smith and Jones” and “The Shakespeare Code”. The big deal, of course, is how does Freema measure up? I thought she was great, actually. It’s hard to pinpoint why Martha Jones works, but she just feels right. Despite both episode’s allusions to Rose, you’ll have forgotten about her within minutes.

There’s just something that feels fresh and new about this third outing. I can’t remember Doctor Who seeming so rich – almost to the point of overwhelming. Really, both episodes were fantastic. 

Here’s some points of interest: Jane Tranter talked about an upcoming “hybrid Dalek”, which none of the team would comment on. More importantly, she also confirmed that series four had been commissioned – and again, none of the team would comment. Meanwhile, the Doctor alludes to his brother in the first episode. “The Brain of Morbius”, Blake’s 7season four and The Tomorrow People‘s “The Blue and The Green” are all folded into the second one. There’s a mention for Mr Saxon, and the Preacher’s tag is spotted on a dustbin at one point. John Simm appeared in a trailer previewing the rest of the series. Oh, and Tennant reverts back to the brown suit for the Shakespeare story – something I didn’t expect.

The nice thing about these Doctor Who launches is that, after the screening, everyone is terribly approachable. With SFX’s urbane Nick Setchfield and TV Quick/TV Choice/Total TV Guide’s Jon Peake on your team, no-one’s off limits. Hence there was chatting to Freema, with Setchfield and she discussing Cardiff’s most swinging nightspots; speculation with David Tenant about the possibility he’s the Doctor whose arse has been seen on TV the most; and quizzing of Russell T Davies re his guest slot on Play School. He says they let him on the show because he could doodle as well as talk, but after one episode (of a proposed six) he decided never to come back. 

And then there was Noel Clarke berating internet fans who type with a wing mirror on their computer, so they can monitor the TV at the same time …

Other celebs in attendence: Jonathan Ross, Jo Whiley, Dawn French, Tracy-Ann Oberman and Charlie Higson.

Doctor Who‘s back, and I really like it.


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