“Good evening, friends, and thanks for tuning in…”

Wednesday, December 7, 2005 by

That’s the best bit about OFI Sunday, and only because it’s nicked from Danny Baker.

For some reason I’m still watching it, and this week we got something of a revamp. The most obvious change is that there’s now two guests rather than one (they did manage to book some people, then), so there’s more chat – despite Evans saying he didn’t want it to be a chat show – and less of the fripperies like the Big Boobies and Glad Or Sad. It’s not very interesting chat, obviously.

I thought that Evans’ “assistant” Hiten had been sacked, but in fact, despite not sitting on stage throughout and joining in with the banter, he still appears to spin the wheel and dance about for the quiz. Submarine Tom’s still there, and still quaking with fear throughout his boring bit.

It’s great how the show is seemingly replicating the entire history of TFI Friday in a matter of weeks, with all the features junked and a load of dull interviews taking their place. Someone on the NOTBBC forum said that Evans should have returned to telly with a quiz show, or at least something that isn’t simply The Chris Evans Show. Noel’s return with Deal or No Deal is, of course, the perfect example.

Anyway, who had “episode four” in the “When’s Sharleen Spiteri Going To Be On” sweep?


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