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Monday, December 24, 2007 by

Well, Merry Christmas everyone.

The following was, received from Sean Power, presumably the same Sean Power who plays Marty in BBC2′s Lead Balloon. It’s in relation to John Phillips’ review of the show, which you can read here.

John Phillips,
My agent just passed on your lame review to me. Im not going to waste my breath on you too much , because to be honest your opinion means fuck all to me. Arm chair critics are just that- fat fkn morons sittin in front of there tv screen with there laptop on their round tummy and wearin dirty clothes with questionable stains on them. But- because you ‘ put it out there’ I m gonna give it back to you. Firstly, having been in comedy scene in NYC for 7 years in the 80′s I worked with both Richard Lewis and Larry David- you muppet -and can guarantee they’d back me in telling you – to get a fkn life and ‘move on’ with all the fkn curb refs, or the office. If you didnt know, dopey, there were a whole lotta shows that came before them… and set a sort of pre-ce-dent from” whence they did take .”
Second- you really such an expert on sit coms; their structure, character development, ‘one liners’ try writing one- no better- write one now and get it produced- Then you can put your opinioins out on the web
Thirdly- watch who you insult in your ”’reviews”’ because it could come back and seriously bite you on the ass. Let ,me be more clear- if I see you walkin down the street-I will personally bite you on the ass.
Now not be unfestive- seeing as its xmas eve here in L.A.
Happy Holidays


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