Catching snippets

Thursday, March 30, 2006 by

For some of us, now is the time when our hard-drive recorders come in very handy. Unlike Graham, who was fortunate enough to have attended the Doctor Who press event the other night, us lot had to retune our Sky Digiboxes to BBC Wales last night to catch some of the first glimpses of the new series, or try to see clips on one of the breakfast programmes when we should have been at work.
It is quite bizarre to feel the need that these scraps of news must be captured for posterity, but not having had the chance to do it in the days of old Who (and despite the fact that some of it will probably appear on the DVDs) I still want to get the features on disc myself for some reason.

Heaven knows why I will be recording Ready Steady Cook on the 12 April to keep just because it features David Tennant in the kitchen alongside his Dad …

Having seen the short sequences broadcast on Wales Today last night, I have to echo Graham’s sentiments and say that the CGI effects on display looked very poor indeed. I was surprised to see a large futuristic building that looked as if it had been painted onto glass, and not particularly well composited into a section of the south Wales coastline, while those flying car things put me in mind of something from the kids show ReBoot. We know that The Mill can do better than this because we’ve seen it.

Perhaps I shouldn’t complain on the basis of such a minute exposure to the new season, but then again I am a Doctor Who fan and therefore predisposed to being more critical than the general public.


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