Doctorin’ the schedules

Wednesday, February 7, 2007 by

When will Doctor Who be back on telly? Well, there are a few possible dates floating around – but none of them seem to be Easter. This week, TV Times has stuck its neck out declared it’ll defo be March. I’m going to try and be more specific than that and predict March 24. This is based on various bits of gossip that have come my way and, er, some guesswork.

March 17 has to be out, for two reasons. The mighty Dancing on Ice will reach its finale that night (if my sums are right), something Who doesn’t want to cross. And, so I’m informed, Wales take on England in the rugby that evening, with a 5.30pm kick off.

I had heard a rumour that, yes, the 17th was the original plan, meaning the two-part Dalek story (which is third in the running-order, isn’t it?) would play out as a double-bill over the Easter weekend. Where a 24th start date would leave that notion, then, I’m not sure. 

Have you heard anything?


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