“Is it true you’re bringing back the Master?”

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 by

‘The Voyage of the Damned’, then. Lots of fun, not the most cerebral slice of Who ever, but terribly exciting, and with one real groaner they could only get away with on Christmas Day. That’s what I reckoned, anyway. 

The press launch, held at London’s Science Museum, brought out a fascinating array of guests – from Anne Widdecombe to Nick Cave, and all points between (John Simm chatting to Nerys Hughes – hooray!). The enthusiasm and goodwill towards the show clearly continues unabated, with journalists overjoyed to be there, and representatives of various Who offshots also along for the ride (Lis Sladen, Naoko Mori and Peter Davison – who was told by someone who’ll remain nameless, “You’re in my top four Doctors: obviously there’s Eccleston ahead of you”).

The Q&A session following the screening prompted David Tennant’s comment he’s sticking with the series through 2008 and 2009, and also – thanks to a wonderfully blunt enquiry from one of the more juvenile members of the audience – a tacit admission from RTD that Davros is on his way. And who would be his ideal Who? Hitler, he reckoned. Or Julie Goodyear.

My favourite bit from the session, though, was one young chap: “Is it true you’re bringing back the Master?”. RTD: “Er, no – we’re not bringing him back at all”. “My friend lied then”. “If your friend phones up The Sun, he’ll get £350 for that!”


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