Top of the Pops pops off

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 by

It has just been announced on the radio that Top of the Pops has finally been axed by the BBC.

It can’t come as much of surprise to anybody really, given that it has been living on borrowed time for the past five or six years (if not longer). The move to Sunday evenings was surely the last roll of the dice for the programme, and given that it never worked it seems quite a pathetic end for what once was a mighty staple of prime time BBC broadcasting. Andi Peters was brought in a few years ago to try and revive the ailing show, but his new ideas did nothing to help and he has since cleared off to present a cookery programme on Sunday mornings on ITV1.

So, a sad, ignominious end, but quite inevitable given the recent state of the programme. Expect to see all kinds of tribute features on the news over the coming days. Hopefully Sir Jimmy will be brought back to present the final edition at the end of July.


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