On tonight’s Big Brother

Thursday, June 4, 2009 by

As Big Brother returns tonight for its 10th series, C4 reveals the manipulations in store.

So, without further ado… press release!

The wait is nearly over. Tomorrow at 9pm live on Channel 4, Big Brother will celebrate a decade on the air with the arrival of 8 men and 8 women who each have a plan to entertain us over the summer months and leave the house victorious (and £100,000 richer).

Those entering the house could potentially spend up to 13 weeks in the Big Brother house but in true Big Brother style they won’t be allowed to get too comfortable. Within minutes of them all arriving, Big Brother will reveal to viewers and those in the house that they are not yet official housemates and will not get access to the full Big Brother house.

All hopeful housemates will have to individually earn their housemate status over the next three days by completing tasks set by Big Brother. Each task has been designed to challenge the hopefuls’ fears and pride and some will require them to go head to head against one another in a bid to become a bone fide housemate.

Only once the ‘hopefuls’ have successfully completed a task and been granted housemate status will they be allowed access to the ‘real’ Big Brother house. Until then they will only be able to access the living room (void of any creature comforts), a toilet and the garden.

Hopefuls won’t get access to their suitcases and will be forced to spend their first night sleeping on the living room floor. Bathing will be a bath in the garden which can only be filled by carrying cold water in a hole-ridden bucket across the garden.

All 16 people entering the house have been in hiding for the past few weeks. All that is being revealed before the launch is that the 16 are the most diverse group yet, with hopeful housemates from a wide range of countries and backgrounds. The eldest is 40 and the youngest is 18.

Tune in tonight at 9pm to see Davina McCall reveal the identities of the new potential housemates in the Big Brother launch programme direct from the house.


One Response to “On tonight’s Big Brother”

  1. Glenn Aylett on June 7th, 2009 8:57 pm

    It’s had its day now and most people I know won’t go near it. Surely Channel 4 would do better by spending £ 100 million on drama and comedy than this failing reality show that seems to be a job creation exercise for Daily Star journalists who treat it as if it is sacred for 3 months of the year. Let’s hope this year Big Bore gets killed off, but spare a thought for those poor Daily Star journalists who will have nothing to write about every summer and might have to report real news for a change.