Wot no OTT?

Tuesday, June 6, 2006 by

There have been a couple of emails about the non-appearance of a new edition of OTT for June (the first time that’s happened during the site’s nigh on seven-year run). My favourite is from Ricky Young who says:
“Have you all died? Has nostalgia finally become more deadly than it used to be, or has Ian Levine used the awesome communicative power of two phones to have you all bumped off? Come on, people, start reviewing again, from beyond the grave, if need be. Except Ian Jones, he’s rubbish, he can stay dead.”

Well, Ricky (and anyone else), the reason why there’s been nothing happening on the site since mid May is due to a serious problem with my computer. That problem being, I no longer have it – my home was burgled. So, until I get a replacement sorted out, I can’t actually¬†do¬†anything to OTT at all, other than post up onto this blog. And I only do that by abusing the resources at my place of work.

Rest assured, though, I do have a stockpile of reviews ready to go online once I’m back in business. One of them, Ricky, by Ian Jones.


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