The Y Factor

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What’s Jeremy Hunt MP, Shadow Culture Secretary, discussing here? Read more

Strictly switch-around for BBC1 autumn

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Darcy Bussell and Alesha Dixon to 'refresh' Strictly

Darcy Bussell and Alesha Dixon to 'refresh' Strictly

Strictly ‘refreshed’, 16 celebs going around the world in 80 days, Take That headlining a Children in Need concert at The Albert Hall and Totally Saturday “not as good as it should be”: Today’s press launch for the autumn season on BBC1.

BBC1 Controller Jay Hunt was on confident, bullish form as she unveiled BBC1′s new season line-up (joshing the event was quite nerve-wracking for her “given what happened to my predecessor… I’ve looked at all the pictures you’re going to see today, and I didn’t see someone walking backwards when they should have been walking forwards… but I might have missed something”). Read more

Ball of confusion

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Simon Cowell didn’t get all the column inches he was expecting this morning. Read more

“I’m in charge”

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Last night, it was off to Television Centre, courtesy of a Beeb PR, who’d very kindly sorted me out a couple of tickets to see a recording of Strictly Come Dancing. Read more

Sunday trading

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So, from Sunday 7 October (the day after the first episode proper) Strictly Come Dancing gains a regular Sunday edition, in which the losing dancers are booted out of the show. Coincidentally, that same weekend, The X Factor sprouts a one-off Sunday episode…

Operation Winkle

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So, blog favourite Strictly Come Dancing is back, but as someone whose enjoyment of daring routines is tempered by the desire to avoid all potential for car-crash telly (I always left the room when Fiona Phillips took to the floor last year), I find myself in my usual mixed state of enthrallment and discomfort when it transmits. Read more

“You’re my favourites!”

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12 hours later, and I still can’t quite believe it. In case you were watching a load of singing binmen on the other side, the finale of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1 proved to be an unforgettable experience, largely for all the wrong reasons. Read more