“Bending over… it’s not the end of the world”

Wednesday, December 7, 2005 by

Re: Dragon’s Den. I thought last night’s edition was, the thrill of nobody getting any cash aside, the weakest of the series so far (albeit still one with some entertaining moments). I also felt last night’s showed up a bit of a weakness in the format, in that it’s impossible to have any sort of spark between Dragons and Den-ee without the pitch ending in failure.

I couldn’t really blame the imaginative-but-hopeless “ambient advertising” man having a pop back at Theo for the “pins in eyes” comment, but what was funny was the way Rachel Elnaugh dismissed him and his ilk as “that’s what they’re like”, when she’s by far the most rude and charmless of the Dragons. I hope we’re not on the way to contestants having to grovel and having Peter Jones check if they’ve cleaned their shoes that morning.

It’s still just great though, I loved Doug dismissing the pointlessly elaborate dogshit (don’t you hate the word pooper?) scoop as a “Ghostbusters device”. And the sight of someone climbing the stairs, bearing some intriguing contraption, is a brilliantly iconic TV device.


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