Dragons’ Edge

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Think you recognised pop-eyed Barry plugging his “Air Oasis” on last night’s Dragons’ Den (and, by the way, I was disappointed Peter Jones didn’t chip in with “water disaster” or “it’s a big H2-no from me”)? In 1997, he was one of the three featured on The Cutting Edge documentary, “The Complainers”. Remember that one? It begat the subsequent doco, “Rogue Males”, of fake-fight-on-the-front-lawn infamy.

Dragons done

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Having summarily dismissed all property shows from my viewing schedule last year, I am fearful that I’m now growing tired of Dragons’ Den. It’s not just that during this week’s episode I was able to correctly predict when Evan’s “In a bizarre twist” voice-over was about to commence, but I found it difficult to get at all interested in any of the pitches. Each one seemed to go on too long, and the concepts the visitors to the Den were proposing just weren’t very inventive. In fact, by half way through I’d started reading the latest issue of Radio Times instead. Read more

“Do you want to Fruka?”

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Sadly, knee-deep in various Other Commitments [shudder!], I don’t have the time to write a properly-thought-out-with-actual-arguments-and-that review of last night’s Tycoon, but I feel I must share some thoughts about this first effort from Peter Jones’ production company… starring Peter Jones. Read more

Corporate reshuffle

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Well, I’d made the assumption Peter Jones was “out” when it came to the next series of Dragons’ Den but, as per today’s press release from the Beeb, the self-styled tycoon is still on board.  Read more

“Bending over… it’s not the end of the world”

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Re: Dragon’s Den. I thought last night’s edition was, the thrill of nobody getting any cash aside, the weakest of the series so far (albeit still one with some entertaining moments). I also felt last night’s showed up a bit of a weakness in the format, in that it’s impossible to have any sort of spark between Dragons and Den-ee without the pitch ending in failure. Read more

“It would look good with Action-Man in the middle”

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The element of surprise returned to Dragon’s Den last night, as the final pitcher didn’t actually clinch the deal. Read more