Who will be the next… Dyke-oon?

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If OTT ever created a show, it would be this one. Well, this one in principle.  Read more


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Justin’s in the back of Peter Jones’ limo. “I’m now the boss of Tycoon Towers,” he says, in that nervy lilt. “Yeah, feeling on top of the world. I’m really excited about the challenge. So, bring it on … Elizabeth’s going to be a pain in the arse, though”. Read more

Peter misses!

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From Broadcast: “ITV1′s struggling business-reality show Tycoon has been pulled from its 9pm slot on a Tuesday night. It will return on Monday 9 July at 10pm as a 30-minute format. Tough Gig has also been pulled.”

The best bit about last night’s Tycoon…

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…Peter Jones, in the back of his limo, fist clenched in glee, declaring: “Peter scores!”

“Do you want to Fruka?”

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Sadly, knee-deep in various Other Commitments [shudder!], I don’t have the time to write a properly-thought-out-with-actual-arguments-and-that review of last night’s Tycoon, but I feel I must share some thoughts about this first effort from Peter Jones’ production company… starring Peter Jones. Read more