“Tigana! Tigana! Platini! Goal!”

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I’m never sure why any preview of the BBC and ITV’s coverage of a major football tournament involves pitting the two against each other, as we’ll have to watch both to see all the matches. Indeed, in Euro 2008, for the first time in a generation, no match will be screened on both channels, with ITV1 electing not to screen the final live. Read more

For the love of Ada

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I spent most of Good Friday morning sat on a train that firstly didn’t move for ages, and then followed a route seemingly planned by throwing darts at a map of Britain, but it wasn’t so bad, as it meant I got to read most of We Don’t Know What We’re Doing, the quirky, good-humoured and thoughtful book on what it’s like to be a football fan, written by the quirky, good-humoured and thoughtful Adrian Chiles. Read more

Fleetwood Mac said to be “quite pleased, actually”

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Formula 1 is moving back to the BBC, although it seems nobody has managed to uncover why ITV are dropping it midway through their contract or, indeed, F1 are dropping ITV. The timing is a bit odd, given that Britain has, in Lewis Hamilton, a driver capable of winning the world title for the first time in a decade. Read more

Pundit wars

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The World Cup is upon us once again and there are bags of matches lined up for the dedicated fan to watch. But which side, BBC or ITV, is going to win the battle of the pundits? Read more