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Having seen some of the new series I have to agree with Steve in that it is great to see Bullseye back on the box (albeit stuck out of mainstream way on Challenge), and Dave Spikey seems to be a fairly good replacement for Jim Bowen, but isn’t it a little annoying the way that he says “duts” instead of “darts”?

You won’t be able to watch the show without thinking about that now.

Bit of Bully “unbeatable”, say lab

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Everyone in OTT Towers knows that the best line on Off The Telly is Ian Jones asking “Where are the quizzes?” while discussing BBC1′s mid-’80s Saturday night line-up. The thing is, it can never be said enough, because the undemanding quiz show you can watch over beans on toast and shout out the answers to is, when it’s done well, always welcome. Read more