“The wife gave me cabbage and bean tartlets last night…”

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 by

“… Yet another reason to despise Jamie Oliver.”

Just finished watching the first two episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures (now confirmed for Monday 24 September at 5pm on BBC1), and I feel a little bit exhilarated. With 25 minute episodes this does indeed feel rather like old schoolWho. Not a huge deal of plot, but lots of exciting moments and archetypical flourishes (unseen baddies monitoring our heroes via CCTV and cackling evilly). And it moves like the clappers. 

It’s no surprise to say the Slitheen are back (the thing’s called “Revenge of the Slitheen”) and they fit in very well – fart gags and fatties playing nicely before Neighbours

Performances all round are generally great, with Ms Sladen zestfully bouncing between shouty and vulnerable moments to ace effect. New character Clyde is lots of fun, but the real kudos has to go to the corpulent cast members – all operatic rolling eyes and flab.

Bits for the Who hardcore roll along in episode two, including a glimpse of a Jagaroth spaceship design on SJ’s wall (for some reason), “Love to the Brig” and – if I’m not mistaken – a Crackerjack reference (Maria’s mum referring to our heroine as “Sally Ann”). 

Plus, the trailer for episode three looks absolutely fantastic – some business with “the Gorgon” …


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