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There can’t have been such a large number of people outside the Hawley Crescent studios since the union picket line was set up during the 1987 TV-am strike. “Monday to Thursday, TRL is live on your screens!” Read more

Double Take

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In a recent interview to promote the series, Double Take creator Alison Jackson claimed the show dealt with “our fixation with celebrity and celebrity culture, and how we tend to believe in things through a set of images, rather than knowing the real situation… I’m interested in the fantasies we build up in our minds, and think are true.” Read more

The Luvvies – The Awards the Stars Don’t Want

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Irony is a much abused concept in television. It’s why no self-billed “in-depth” look at showbiz ups and downs can go without interviewing Keith Harris, and why Tony Blackburn has had a complete change of public profile in the last year. Read more


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Generally in TV, if you’ve got a clunker of a show, the whole nation knows about it and are ready to mock accordingly. Even Fame Academy, while having seemingly everyone admitting by the final that it was their secret love, only managed figures for the final that equalled those of the much-mocked first series of Survivor. Read more