“Please… don’t let me be the only one!”

Thursday, November 22, 2007 by

Notes to Editors
The architect behind the Daleks, Terry Nation is acknowledged as one of the creators of Doctor Who. Although he wrote half of the episodes of the first series, he left at the end of that series and launched his next BBC masterpiece, Blake’s 7, about a mob of criminals on the run from the sinister Terran Federation in a stolen alien spaceship. Terry Nation died from emphysema in 1997.

This originally appeared at the end of this but has since been snipped. A baffling bit of Chinese Whispers.

Anyway - Survivors is coming back. What fun! Definitely a format applicable to modern times, how will the show be updated? I’m guessing it won’t be a continuation at all, but if they did stick with the same characters who’d be taking on the short-lived Peter Bowles role? My vote: Peter Bowles! Abby would be played by Daniela Nardini, Greg by Matthew Macfadyen, Jenny by Jessica Hynes. Oh, and the cataclysm would have to be updated to play on current day paranoia. Is biological warfare too 2002? What do you think?


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