Regeneration game

Wednesday, April 4, 2007 by

UKTV Gold changes its onscreen idents tomorrow. Still the same logo, but now it’s appearing on a load of space-hoppers to play up the channel’s retro programming policy. Although, far be it from me to grumble about the network binning off its truly interesting archive programme in the early ’90s for back-to-back Only Fools.

More interestingly, as revealed at their press launch this morning, they’re unveiled the next show for the Now and Thentreatment: The Generation Game.

“We’ll be giving it the UKTV Gold treament,” promised channel head James Newton, “revisiting games from the past, and creating new ones for today. And, even better than that, we’ve got Mr Generation Game himself, Bruce Forsyth to present it… We haven’t got anything to show you [today] because it’s literally hot off the press. Unfortunately, Brucie can’t be here with us, but he’s sent a few words all the way from Puerto Rico. He says, ‘I’m so looking forward to bringing back the wonderful memories and highlights of The Generation Game. It was always a good game, good game’.”

At the moment, it sounds like the format is up for grabs, with Newton unable to confirm how the new elements will mix with the old. But there it is. Should be fun.


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