Shafted: The return

Sunday, March 26, 2006 by

Ah well, the PA wires seem to be carrying the headline ITV news (see previous post), so what the hell…

The big announcement at the launch was that Ant and Dec will be hosting a game show which they’ve devised themselves: “We came up with the idea about two years ago and tried it out on our friends – we played it out in a room upstairs at our local pub”, they said, in matching grey jeans.

The programme’s called The Con Test and, from the clip of the pilot edition we saw, looks more than a little like Robert Kilroy-Silk’s Shafted, only, this is Ant and Dec, so it’s going to be a smash. That, and, Simon Shaps was banging on about how it’s the only game show around where someone is guaranteed to actually win a million.

The premise seems to be that competitors try and out-bluff each other as to how many questions they’ve got right. I’m not quite sure of the actual mechanics here, but there’s a big red button they can press if they lose their nerve and decide to bail out .

We’ll all be watching it, I tell you.

The contestant call number is 0906 4 717273. Beware: if you ring it, you have to spend 20 seconds “selling yourself” down the phone.


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