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Having now watched the second series of Pokerface through to its much-trumpeted million pound final, I have decided it’s been the most intriguing game show I’ve seen in a very long time. Since five’s The Mole, probably. Read more


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I rather liked Pokerface and, in fact, I was the one who wrote in OTT’s 2006 in Review: “If it had aired every seven days there would have been more space for the public to discuss strategy, theorise on potential outcomes and quite possibly work up a word-of-mouth frenzy about the programme.” Read more

Poker? I hardly even know her!

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On Wednesday 14 June, I spent the afternoon being a right knob – but the details of this event were embargoed until today. I was taking part in a journos-only edition of Ant and Dec’s new ITV1 game show, Pokerface (formerly, The Con Test). Read more

Shafted: The return

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Ah well, the PA wires seem to be carrying the headline ITV news (see previous post), so what the hell… Read more

A bit of a do

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I have a love-hate relationship with the big fuck-off new TV season launches. I love going to them, but I hate being there. Read more