Torch bearing

Friday, October 6, 2006 by

Who (no pun) knows quite what’s going on with Torchwood? The BBC have released their press info for the week, but as yet, they’re not confirming a day.

Nevertheless, as far as I know, it’ll be going out on Sunday, October 22 – but just to add to the complication, there are now rumours episode one will simulcast on BBC1 and 3. We’ll have to see.

But what about the show itself? I’ve heard comment it’s gone over budget and over deadline. Personally speaking, I’m not hugely bowled over by some sort of ensemble alien-busting gang, and yet, I will definitely be there – whenever and wherever it’s on – to see what lies behind the big T. Obviously, the fact it’s Doctor Who-related makes it must for me, but also co-star Eve Myles has been talking up a storm. 

“Some episodes are about people dealing with, er, situations. And then the next episode will be absolutely barking mad: cannibals or meteorites or aliens or weevils. It’s so unpredictable.

“And it’s so hard to try and describe it, because it’s not about sitting around a table, talking about problems. You know. Your corny little drama. It’s not. Every episode is like a movie.”

Asked if she was – just perhaps – a little enthused by it all, she replied: “Oh, I am! Oh, goodness me? Are you serious. Oh my God! From day one I’ve been incredibly excited about this. And when you start getting these scripts coming through, and you’re going, ‘Oh come on! There’s got to be a weak link here!’ They can’t keep getting better and better!’”


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