Sunday trading: The mailbag, part deux!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 by

And still the comments cascade in. This time from non-OTT affliated correspondents…

Billy Hicks reckons he knows how Noel will be celebrating on 11 June: “It’ll be ‘Super Sunday’, of course,” he writes very plausibly. “They’ll dig out the yellow boxes from Easter, put sun-shaped seals on them, and have all the contestants wearing sunglasses and sitting on deckchairs. If they’re really feeling adventurous they could do entire shows on a beach, with everyone in swimwear. Oh, and the usual doubling of the viewer boxes, etc.”

Meanwhile, Nick from Bother’s Bar has the full SP: “Doubtlessly you are actually aware, but in case you aren’t, DOND twice daily is only for the first week of the World Cup, and the primetime show is going to feature ex-contestants coming in and telling us how the show has changed their life… or not!”


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