Wogan for the Noel slot? Deal!

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This just in: Terry Wogan’s Total Recall! Read more

New Deal

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Deal or No Deal? is back on C4 from 14 August, and – according to the press release – it’s to have a new look. Can anyone enlighten me what change this will entail? Is the crazy chair to become even crazier? Read more

Dealing at 500

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It’s been a while since I watched, I’ll admit, but this press release still gave me a warm glow… Read more

“Big cheers for the first blue”

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For the very interested, here is a full game report for yesterday’s jackpot episode of Deal or no Deal?: Read more

“I’ve got no brief for this moment”

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Someone has finally won £250,000 on Deal or No Deal?. Read more

Sunday trading: The mailbag, part deux!

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And still the comments cascade in. This time from non-OTT affliated correspondents… Read more

Sunday trading: The mailbag!

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So, the mail floods in, in response to my “how will Noel celebrate dealing on the Sabbath?” bit of nonsense. Read more

Sunday trading

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A curious thing about the Channel 4 press office is that, long before they update their website, they put out advanced scheduling info via their “tape list” email. This is a weekly update they send out to the media, detailing what preview programmes they have available on DVD (but – you know – we still call it a “tape list”). Each show is accompanied by a TX date, making it an invaluable first port-of-call to find out what C4′s doing, when. Read more

Deal or No Deal?

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In a turn of phrase that wouldn’t be out of place tumbling from the lips of its loquacious host, the Saturday night incarnation of this show has turned out to be something of a curate’s egg. Read more

“Did I just say break?”

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Statistics from every edition of Deal or No Deal can be picked over here, along with as-it-happened commentaries and endless mathematical calculations predicting the Banker’s offers. Read more

“You played the dream game!”

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Sorry to keep banging on about it, but Deal or no Deal continues to delight and confound in equal measure. Read more

Please, please don’t make this a red number

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Deal or no Deal has indeed been recommissioned, but for what sounds like an entire year’s worth of episodes. Read more

Who the hell is Timothy Busfield?

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Interesting postscript on international DOND mania here. Richard Branson? Hmm, apart from the one-time media ubiquity, hugely overpowering obsession with air transport and the beard, I can’t see it … Read more

“The amazing success of this programme”

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Deal or no Deal again.

Read more

No questions, except one…

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… namely, will Deal or No Deal be recommissioned for another series? During a webchat for, Noel Edmonds advises “do look out for an announcement very soon.” Read more

Deal Or No Deal?

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Who’s the best when it comes to handling a telephone on television? Read more