OTT’s chart of the decade

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Time for the final update to our list of the most-watched telly of the 2000s. Read more

That was the decade we watched

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Scenes from a decade

OTT doesn’t have much truck with the idea of a “golden age of television”. Every era has programmes that are exceptionally good and desperately poor. If there has to be a “golden age”, then it began when TV was invented. It hasn’t stopped. Not even in the face of some of the telly from the last decade.

The ratio of small screen triumphs to travesties is the same as it ever was; there are just more of them. The past 10 years weren’t characterised by new lows or highs; just different ones. What we watched didn’t really change; how and when we watched did.

Here’s a commemoration of sorts in the shape of an A-Z of the decade’s television┬╗

Who goes there

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The BBC has done a deal with MSN to make various archive Dr Who stories available to watch online.

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The Beatles: on Record

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BBC2Prefab Sprout have just released an album written and recorded 17 years ago.
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Richard and Judy

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watchRichard Madeley is a student of history. He knows this because he says he is. Read more

Your Torchwood ratings-ometer

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Lenny, Tracey and David - back together and back on BBC1!

Just how will daily doses of adult telefantasy fare on BBC1 next week? Read more

Patrick Dowling, 1919-2009

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The Adventure Game

The Adventure Game

Patrick Dowling, co-creator of The Adventure Game and producer of Vision On and Take Hart, has died. He was 89.

Dowling was a pioneer. He conceived new ways of using television to delight and inspire generations of children, and had the imagination and tenacity to see his ideas come to full fruition.

In doing so he exploited the power of the small screen to both entrance and intrigue.

Dowling’s work was never didactic, in the way of so many of the BBC’s early children’s series. Instead he demonstrated how it was possible to make the educational seem entertaining, and vice versa.

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Doctor Who

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The following is a transcript from a media studies conference in April 2019. Read more

Comic Relief Night

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Fry and Laurie contended every good play needed “a Paul Eddington in it”.

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“Prime Minister, how are you?” “Fighting on, John. And your mouth?” Read more

Way down in the hole

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One of the greatest shows in the history of television is about to be repeated.

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“I know I’m right”

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Someone needs to do some serious cosmic reordering on Noel Edmonds.

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Most-watched shows of the 80s

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A slight return to OTT’s chart of the decade.
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President Obama: The Inauguration

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This was not the star-spangled clamour it ought to have been.

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OTT’s chart of the decade

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It’s time to update our list of the most-watched telly since 2000.
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Letters, prey?

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US Election Night

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“It belongs to you,” proclaimed President-Elect Obama, live in Chicago.
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Do not go gentle into that good night…
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Getting the Sachs

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The Ross/Brand affair has led the BBC, yet again, into hysterical over-reaction. Read more

Blue Peter at 50

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The forward march of Blue Peter feels like it has, for the time being, halted. Read more

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