That was the decade we watched

Thursday, December 31, 2009 by

Scenes from a decade

OTT doesn’t have much truck with the idea of a “golden age of television”. Every era has programmes that are exceptionally good and desperately poor. If there has to be a “golden age”, then it began when TV was invented. It hasn’t stopped. Not even in the face of some of the telly from the last decade.

The ratio of small screen triumphs to travesties is the same as it ever was; there are just more of them. The past 10 years weren’t characterised by new lows or highs; just different ones. What we watched didn’t really change; how and when we watched did.

Here’s a commemoration of sorts in the shape of an A-Z of the decade’s television┬╗


2 Responses to “That was the decade we watched”

  1. Stuart Ian Burns on January 1st, 2010 2:14 am

    Re-fake News 24.

    Not to mention Spooks after the Sky News debacle. These things always slightly annoy me because they always get the branding wrong. The font is the wrong size, or the red is the wrong colour or there isn’t any scrolling text. Or Carrie Gracie is working at the wrong time of day. Also if Hew “Not You Too Bob” Edwards is working the 2012 Olympics and they don’t play a clip from Fear Her, he will have got off lightly.

  2. Glenn Aylett on January 9th, 2010 5:53 pm

    How about some of the idents from the last decade? The BBC One makeover in 2002 sticks in the mind with disabled basketball players, teenagers at a rave( ten years after the rave scene died out) and best of all, the acrobats. Also those strange ITV 1 idents from 2005 are worth a mention on weirdness grounds: people hugging a tree while some ghostly music played. No one could ever work that one out. ( An uncharitable friend did add that ITV1 was so bad hugging a tree was a better alternative to their shows).