Huw and cry

Tuesday, December 6, 2005 by

BBC1′s live coverage of the result of the Tory leadership contest earlier today was helmed by Huw Edwards in his usual sublime fashion, seated behind a customised pod flanked by “special guests” William Hague and a woman from the Daily Telegraph.

Huw was on form, chiding Tory Central Office for being a few minutes late with the declaration, hailing footage of old people sitting in a pub in David Cameron’s constituency (“I wish I was there – I could with a drink!”), and generally making the whole event as entertaining as possible.

Of course there was a time when David Dimbleby would’ve been doing this kind of gig, but that was a fair few years ago. It’s surely not long before Huw becomes the default anchor for any and every political roustabout, including the grand prize, General Election night. Or is it? It could very well come down to timing. If there isn’t another General Election for five years – the maximum period possible – it’s pretty obvious the job is Huw’s. If it’s any sooner, chances are Dave will want one last shot, especially if he’s held onto Question Time in the interim. And with Peter Snow and Andrew Marr already both out of the psephological picture, Dave’s presence could be vital for ensuring a bit of continuity.

Speaking of which, who’s going to replace Pete? One name springs to mind: “And now, buzzing with excitement over at his Battleground, it’s Bill Turnball!”

Failing that, David Butler’s still alive.


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