“Here they come now, Norton and Tate…”

Saturday, January 21, 2006 by

So Paul Jackson is ITV’s new Head of Entertainment, which is a good move I think because he’s clearly got bags of experience.

This week’s Broadcast reports that he’s going to try and lure over loads of BBC talent, in an attempt to stop any more Paul O’Grady-esque situations. The magazine reckons Jonathan Ross is going to be targeted, which is fair enough, but they also claim they’re trying to grab Catherine Tate – a “natural signing”, apparently, who’ll obviously be able to go in all those comedy slots ITV has. It also reports they’re going to try and grab … Graham Norton! Because of course his exclusive BBC deal has worked so well, hasn’t it?

Broadcast also reports that one of the options ITV are considering for a replacement for The Paul O’Grady Show is, er,The Best of The Paul O’Grady Show. Surely that would just look hugely embarrassing, but probably a better option than another concept they’re considering, as claimed in yesterday’s papers - The Price is Right with Joe Pasquale.


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