Holding out for Heroes

Thursday, November 22, 2007 by

I’m conscious that last time I mentioned it on here, I was pretty hacked off with Heroes. I’m following the second season, currently airing Monday nights in the US.

Well, we’re eight or nine episodes in now, and following a terrible false start (read more about that, here) I’m glad to say it’s been worth my while sticking with the show. I won’t go into details, but this week’s episode was fantastic – rehabilitating the likes of Bennet, Parkman and Suresh, all of whom had been terribly served by recent storylines (the latter two in particular, becoming Molly’s “gay dads”). I love the fact that Bennet – who has no super powers (at least for the timebeing) – is back to being the most formidable, feared character in the whole show.

That said, I think I’m still more excited by series two of Dexter which has done just incredible things in terms of progressing characterisation and plot. That’s despite Jaime Murray off of Hustle turning in a rather gummy performance.


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