Ratings revisited

Sunday, December 4, 2005 by

Here are the 10 most watched programmes on Christmas Day 20 years ago:

1) The Two Ronnies (18.48m viewers)
2) The Queen (BBC) (17.35m)
3) Only Fools and Horses (16.92m)
4) All Creatures Great and Small (15.36m)
5) Top of the Pops Christmas Party (14.74m)
6) Coronation Street (14.32m)
7) Hi-De-Hi! (14.01m)
8) Moonraker (13.98m)
9) Minder on the Orient Express (12.51m)
10) Wogan (12.24m)

Any nominations for what’ll end up on top this year, and by how many? Doctor Who will be in there somewhere, of course, but where? At the moment, and this is without having yet seen the Xmas RT, 12m sounds a good bet.


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