The long con

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The BBC has confirmed Hustle will return for a sixth series in 2010. Read more


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“What do we need in a mark?” asks Mickey, rhetorically. “Greed.” Read more

Do the Hustle!

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The next series of Hustle is now filming. And cast confirmed? Read more


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If you’re looking for a drama full of convincing dialogue, believable plotlines and gritty realism, then Hustle is not the first show you would turn to. Read more


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The accusation that it is all style and no substance is a charge that Hustle is inherently guilty of. Not that this is a bad thing, you understand. Read more


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After seeing the first episode of Hustle, it would come as no surprise to see some enterprising crook super-glued to a cash dispenser at his or her local bank, desperate to escape before the police arrive on the scene. Read more