ITV1′s scheduling reel

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ITV1 has just announced major scheduling changes for w/c 18 July. Read more

Farm titles

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Does anybody know the reason why the production team have introduced episode titles for Emmerdale? Is there any point in doing this for a soap, given that they are by their very nature, ephemeral? It is difficult to imagine even the most dedicated soap fan referring to individual episodes by a title. You just don’t remember individual episodes of soaps, you remember the big storylines, or the famous characters. I believe that Neighbours also does something similar these days.


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There was a delicious sense of irony apparent as the cast of Coronation Street collected their BAFTA t’other night. Read more


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Standing head and shoulders above its contemporaries, Emmerdale continues to forge a lonely path as it manages to stand alone as the sole soap to juggle quality acting, quality dialogue, identifiable realism and good old fashioned entertainment without diluting the product or insulting its viewers. Read more