Now that we’re together Nationwide

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Well, here’s the good news – we’ll only have to hear the abysmal new theme to The One Show another 249 times. Read more

The One Show

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Here we are again, inspecting the turf of post-teatime telly and kicking up the dust for traces of good play. Read more

It pays to revive Nationwide

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I’ve been waiting ages to use that headline, ever since the The One Show was announced. Unfortunately, on the evidence of tonight’s first edition, it might not have been such a profitable decision after all. It all seemed a bit, well, inconsequential, really. Anna Adams did some undercover reporting which proved that, when sitting next to someone with a noisy mobile phone on a train or in a restaurant, some people will confront them. And some won’t. Read more

That’s after your own programmes

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As Steve pointed out before ChristmasNationwide, or something like it, is due for an experimental return to BBC1 this summer. Read more

I dunno what a folly is

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Intriguing news in this week’s Broadcast that BBC1 are to bring back Nationwide – or, at least, an hour-long magazine show between 6.30 and 7.30 containing national and local news and fronted by, it says here, “a Natasha Kaplinsky-style presenter”. Of course the main reasoning behind it is to stop the nation turning over en masse to Emmerdale at seven. Read more