OTT talks to Charlie Brooker

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Brooker, faeces injesting

Brooker, in the early stages of ingesting faeces (maybe)

To tie-in with next week’s debut of Charlie Brooker’s E4  zombie/Big Brother-fest, Dead Set, we’ve got an interview with the man himself.

Among other things, he reveals why he could never survive in the BB house: “If I’m sharing a small bungalow with people and there’s one loo, I can’t bear it. I have to wait till they’ve all gone to bed before I’ll have a shit. Knowing there’s cameras around, I just wouldn’t be able to poo. I’d probably start ingesting my own faeces…”

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Brooker C. and the zombies

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Jaime Winstone crashes Big Brother

Jaime Winstone crashes Big Brother

Charlie Brooker’s new comedy-drama, Dead Set, was launched to the press tonight. A zombie drama set in the Big Brother house, it stars Jaime Winstone, Riz Ahmed, Andy Nyman, Davina McCall (who’s very good indeed) and, er, Bubble from BB series two.

The screening was introduced by Andrew Newman, C4′s Head of Entertainment and Comedy, and a fittingly Nathan Barley-esque (now that’s a phrase that’s gone out of heavy rotation) figure. “It’s gripping, dark, excting, gruesome and really original,” he said, before going on to rubbish rival networks. Read more

Dawn of the dumb?

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The PR push begins for Charlie Brooker’s E4 Big Brother/zombie drama. Read more