“I’ll give you $10 for a verbal response”

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What’s happened to Curb Your Enthusiasm on More4? Read more

Cheryl weedy

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I mentioned ages ago how, while I still think Curb Your Enthusiasm is extremely funny, I can’t always enjoy it as much as I’d like because I get frustrated by the supporting characters behaving in totally illogical and unreasonable ways. I know the whole concept of the series is that we’re supposed to laugh at Larry’s ineptitude, but he’d such an appealing character that you often can’t help but root for him and take his side in arguments. Read more

“You’ve just eaten the baby Jesus!”

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Apropos the time of year, five of television’s greatest ever Christmas episodes: Read more

“I was being affable…”

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Curb Your Enthusiasm is still very funny, but if there are any more episodes like the one on More4 on Sunday I might have to stop watching it. By the end of it I was a nervous wreck, because everyone seemed to be hugely unreasonable and I hated everyone in it, apart from Larry. The rabbi, Cheryl’s mum, the survivor, the Survivor … Larry was right and they were wrong. Read more

Curb Your Enthusiasm

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It’s rare for a TV programme to leave you so inclined that the minute it’s finished you want to watch the whole thing again straightaway. It’s even rarer for the programme in question to be a sitcom. Read more

Curb Your Enthusiasm

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I was never one for American sitcoms. They were always overly simplistic and aimed at the lowest common denominator, with characters reduced to a load of tics ands catchphrases so the audience could applaud wildly whenever they entered the set. That was until I saw my first episode of Seinfeld. Read more