“You just want a happy-clappy programme”

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Heat magazine (yeah, yeah) reports this week that the centrepiece for next year’s Comic Relief will be, oh God, Fame Academy again. It’s quite remarkable given that, by the time it comes around, it’ll have been four years since the last proper series of the show, but seemingly such is the dearth of ideas for Comic Relief, it’s being allowed to live on purely in its celebrity version forever. Indeed I’m not sure how the BBC are happy with this flop continuing – what next, Celebrity Eldorado? Read more

Fame Academy

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If you adhere to the philosophy that the universe is infinite and, ergo, full of infinite possibilities then you must, by default, be of the opinion that somewhere out there is a world in which Patrick Kielty is actually entertaining, humorous and a good presenter. Read more

Fame Academy

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There’s something odd about television this summer. A few years back, your normal evening’s viewing in mid-August would consist of back-to-back repeats, mostly from the previous Christmas, with the odd new programme that seemed to be too bad to show at any other time of the year. Read more

Fame Academy

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There are some things you can always depend on in life. Night will follow day, Coronation Street will run forever, and every time BBCi asks users to send in their opinions on reality TV shows, dozens of people will immediately go “They are cheap and boring television, who cares about them?” Read more