Big Brother

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I’m not a betting man. This isn’t down to any inbred principle (unless my mother is reading this) but more down to a lack of knowledge. Read more

Love Island

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Humility exists. ITV1 don’t take their public for the suckers they may well be, and have decided to drop the word “Celebrity” from the return of Love Island. Read more

Doctor Who

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So was there a dry eye in your house? Read more

Big Brother

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So, goodbye to Lea. Numerous nomenclatures have been thrown at her in her seven silicone-enhanced weeks in the Big Brother house, but the description of her by housemates as the First Lady of Big Brother is the most befitting. And the most flattering. Read more

The F Word

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The F Word is a double entendre. On the face it, it would appear to be a show about cookery, with the F obviously standing for food. In actual fact, it’s about swearing. Read more

Blue Peter

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For all the armies of faces that have marched across teatime screens down the decades, very few have ever possessed the secret of contemporary children’s telly. Read more

Big Brother

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How many Big Brother housemates need not have bothered this week? Quite a few. Individuals were on their toes but barriers were starting to break down. Read more

Big Brother

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Well, thanks to a loose wire or somesuch other technical indiscretion, Lisa and her mouth the size of a bus park very nearly didn’t get their marching orders. Read more


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It’s good to see Steve Coogan back starring in a BBC2 sitcom. His intermittent forays into Hollywood have hardly propelled him into the A-list of stardom (Around the World in 80 Days anybody?) Read more

Big Brother

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The last seven intriguing and frustrating days in the Big Brother house have been about two girls. And, in their collective paranoia and vindictiveness, they really were girls. Read more

Big Brother

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If I’d found a golden ticket in a Kit-Kat, there’s no way in 1000 years I’d have contemplated entering the Big Brother house. Read more

Big Brother

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The main problem with watching Big Brother is that it makes you examine your own conscience. Let’s face it, just about every BB fan will not be wholly thrilled at what they may see. Read more

Loose at 5.30!

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If anything should serve as a warning not to tune in to a programme, it is the sight of an exclamation mark adorning a timecheck. Read more

Big Brother

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Well, it’s always eventful in the first week of any Big Brother, although rarely is it entirely through the initial actions of the housemates. Read more

Top Gear

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Do you know anything about cars? I don’t. Read more

Doctor Who

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An old showman trait is to keep the audience wanting more – a key aspect to Doctor Who, new and old. Read more

The West Wing

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Firstly, anyone who has already bailed out on this series: shame on you. Read more

The Apprentice

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[NB: Ben Stanberry was the first of this year's apprentices to be dispatched by Sir Alan Sugar.] Read more

Doctor Who

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After the inauspicious opening episode, David Tennant’s tenure in the TARDIS is developing into a rather rewarding series, in many ways superior to the show’s debut run last year. Read more

Election 2006

Thursday, May 4, 2006 by · Comments Off 

“I wouldn’t call them boring,” sniffed David Dimbleby hailing us yet again from his election hearthside, “it’s hard to think of a more fascinating night.” Read more

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